06/08/2012 22:25

Kuala Baram air quality worsens due to wildfires!

  PETALING JAYA: The air quality in Miri's Kuala Baram district has worsened to very unhealthy levels in just a day due to raging wildfires, making it the only area in the country with such poor readings. This is the first time that very unhealthy readings have been recorded in the area...
06/08/2012 22:21

Govt hospitals to adopt green technology to reduce electricity bills

  KUALA LUMPUR: Major government hospitals will adopt green technology to reduce their electricity bills by next year, said Health Ministry. Its minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said 28 government hospitals would be adopting several energy-saving methods to reduce electricity...
05/08/2012 22:57


  From solar-powered underwater research bots to ones that tweet about California water quality, robots are becoming water-friendly devices. The Marine Drone is the latest among these, designed to search and destroy garbage in the ocean.   The project was...
05/08/2012 22:46

Liquid Metal Battery raises $15M in series B financing.

- Company plans to use the funds to support its plan to build a cheap battery for bulk storage of wind and solar power.   This prototype shows the makings of an all-liquid battery cell     Liquid Metal Battery, an MIT spinoff backed by Bill Gates, has secured an...
05/08/2012 22:19

WWF To Help New Teachers On Environment.

  PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry, along with the World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia), will set up committees and task forces in teacher training colleges nationwide to educate future teachers on the environment. The ministry and WWF-Malaysia signed a memorandum of...
05/08/2012 22:16

E-Waste Danger Looms

  HEALTH THREAT- Discarded handphones and computers contain heavy metals that can seep into the ground KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIANS’ desire for electronic gadgets, especially handphones, is contributing to rising electronic waste, or e-waste. The Department of Environment said yesterday...
24/04/2012 13:35

Time frame set for renewable energy to impact electricity supply

PUTRAJAYA: A three-year time frame is being set for renewable energy (RE) activities to kick off with expected higher funding and quotas. “We are now at the stage of looking at this preliminary period in the implementation process,” Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri...
14/03/2012 12:56

Moggie: Earth Hour means more than switching lights off.

  KUALA LUMPUR: For Earth Hour this year, let's move beyond just giving up an hour of light for Mother Earth. Instead, be creative and find ways to be more energy efficient in everyday life, said Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) chairman Tan Sri Leo Moggie. “Make energy...
17/02/2012 10:51


  Buying an electric car to be green? If you live in China, think twice: The electricity used to power that car comes primarily from coal in China, making the negative impact on health greater for e-cars than traditional, gasoline-powered vehicles, a new study says. With e-car sales...
17/02/2012 10:49


  As virtuous as you might feel when you choose organic foods sweetened with brown rice syrup instead of high-fructose corn syrup, you might actually be making a potentially toxic decision. Infant formulas, cereal bars and other foods made with organic brown rice syrup are loaded with...

Welcome to Green Malaysia

Green Malaysia was established to create self awareness among Malaysian citizens of all age groups about GLOBAL WARMING and other environmental impact created by Malaysians such as improper management of recyclable waste,high level of energy consumptions and many more.However,this website is dedicated especially to our younger generation of kids who are also not aware of the positive impact of recycling and saving energy.Not to miss out the parents of our young kids who play a very important role in this issue.A small effort contributed by each and every individual can make alot of difference.So lets start from the basics together.

What is :

08/12/2009 05:26


    SIRIM is a government-owned national organization of standardization and quality, and the prime mover in industrial research and development. SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of SIRIM, is the...
02/06/2010 21:06


02/06/2010 21:11

Kyoto Protocol

  The Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international environmental agreement which targets greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol was negotiated at the third Conference Of the Parties in Kyoto, Japan, December 1-11, 1997 and the Parties of...
28/06/2010 17:53

Malaysian Environmental Quality Act (pdf)

,alaysian environmental quality act.pdf (492,3 kB)

Johor Waste Management

14/02/2010 18:58

pdf format.

Malaysia_waste management.pdf (2,3 MB) 

Forest statistics of Malaysia 1 & 2

10/03/2010 23:57


  Forest Cover -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total forest area: 20,890,000 ha % of land area: 63.6% Primary forest cover: 3,820,000 ha % of land area: 11.6% % total forest area: 18.3% Deforestation Rates,...
10/03/2010 23:59


  Malaysia's deforestation rate is accelerating faster than that of any other tropical country in the world, according to data from the United Nations. Analysis of figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) shows that Malaysia's annual deforestation rate...

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Scotch-Brite™ (3M)

Scotch-Brite™   (3M)

  Since 1958 Scotch-Brite products have had a presence in every market from consumer to commercial and industrial. To this day, the commitment to providing excellent innovative products are unwavering.   The Greener Clean collection of reusable cleaning products...

Jasa ECO Disposable Foodware.

Jasa ECO Disposable Foodware.

Now available at Tesco. Giant Hypermarkets, Carrefour, Parkson & Justlife. JASA Eco™ is a range of disposable foodware developed from corn starch that is the green alternative to conventional foodware. Their products include plates, bowls, water cups and cutlery of varying sizes. They are...

Monier (Energy efficient Roof System)

Monier (Energy efficient Roof System)

Energy efficient Roof System PROVEN ENERGY-SAVING ROOFING INNOVATIONS   Cut Your Electricity Bills with MONIER CoolRoof and SolarRoof.  As environmental concerns continue to grow, MONIER is taking the lead in developing eco-friendly roofing solutions. Our product...

Nutriganics™ Skin Care (The Body Shop ®)

Nutriganics™ Skin Care (The Body Shop ®)

The Body Shop ® has been using natural ingredients, a number of which are organic, in their products for many years. All the products in Nutriganics™ range are set to meet the levels of organic content set out by ECOCERT, the world's largest organic certification body to ensure the...

Everyday Organics (Baby products)

Everyday Organics (Baby products)

From the makers of Buds for Baby, one of the leading natural baby care products in Malaysia comes Buds Everyday Organics. After 18 months of hard work to achieve full ECOCERT certified organic baby care products. The new and improved formulations are brimming with certified organic, mild and safe...

Biodegradable Tableware (Jusco Selection).

Biodegradable Tableware (Jusco Selection).

Next time when you are planning a party,make sure your choice of disposable tableware are biodegradable.Jusco serves an array of biodegradable tableware which lasts up to 45 days,can handle 100'C water & 120'c oil,microwave safe and it is made of Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)...

ECOMAX products by COSWAY.

ECOMAX products by COSWAY.

    What Makes ECOMAX Safe &...

ECOFUTURE products.

ECOFUTURE products.

  ECOFUTURE BHD is an environmental conservation and technology based company which optimizes oil palm biomass such as empty fruit bunches (EFB) sourced from the Group’s milling operations. EFBs are then processed...

JUSCO (AEON CO.) Biodegradable plastic bag.

JUSCO (AEON CO.) Biodegradable plastic bag.

JUSCO will provide biodegradable shopping bags from now on.  

OSRAM energy saving light bulbs.

OSRAM energy saving light bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lamp or (CFL) are designed to replace an incandescent lamp and can fit into most existing light fixtures formerly used for incandescents.Every CFL bulb you switch to will save 6.5 tonnes of caron being emmited.Compared to general service incandescent lamps giving the...

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