GSC Goes Green

21/07/2010 05:39

Millions of plastic bags are going to waste everyday, cluttering roads, waterways and causing damage to the earth. In a move to save the environment, Golden Screen Cinemas will be going green with the introduction of Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags.

The bags will be given out with each concession item upon request. A 20 cents charge will be made for every plastic bag given out on Saturday and Sunday in Selangor and Monday to Wednesday in Penang. Funds collected will be channeled to the WWF Malaysia Fund for Selangor and Partners Against Poverty Fund for Penang.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags can be economically recycled as part of a normal plastic waste-stream. In addition, this form of plastic can also help reduce the carbon footprint on the planet as it emits C02 slowly while degrading.

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