Kenyir Lake Free Of Pollution – Expert.

11/12/2010 19:33

Kenyir Lake here is free of pollution and safe for recreational activities, according to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu’s (UMT) Institute of Tropical Aquaculture director Prof Dr Faizah Shaharom.

“Analyses of water samples showed cases of fish dying in the lake was because the water temperature had reached up to 31 degrees Celcius, which was something not unusual for lakes less than 100 metres deep.

“As for e-coli bacteria, it is not at a hazardous level at the lake unlike what the media has reported,” she said when met by reporters after attending an angling competition participated by 80 anglers from China at the man-made lake Wednesday.

Terengganu state assembly speaker Datuk Tengku Putera Tengku Awang had flagged off the participants.

Media reports had blamed the numerous boathouses operating on the lake for high e-coli bacteria contamination.



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