Malaysia prepares for nuclear power plant construction.

04/10/2010 17:08

The Malaysian government has started its preparatory works to build its first nuclear power plant.

The plant was expected to start generating power in 2021, Malaysian Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin Fah Kui told reporters here on Tuesday.

“Our plan is for 2021, which now is about ten years, or eleven years gap between the actual implementation where the reactor is functioning,” said Chin.

Chin said Malaysia is now at the preparatory stage of building the plant, adding that the country would have to first sign the relevant international treaties that it did not sign in the past.

“We have to look into proper legislation within the country. While doing that, we will then do the consultation process,” Chin added.

The minister also said public consultation about the plan for nuclear power would take place between now and 2014.

The plan would be canceled if the Malaysian public rejected nuclear power.




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