ECOMAX products by COSWAY.

ECOMAX products by COSWAY.


What Makes ECOMAX Safe & Eco-friendly?
Readily Biodegradable Cleaning Agents
All products under Ecomax were extensively tested using international biodegradability test procedures (OECD 301A and OECD 301D) by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).
Ecomax products are certified with the Eco-Label Mark by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. This mark indicates that all cleaning agents used are readily biodegradable.
Ecomax contains no colourants, hence making it even safer. The colours you see are original colours of all the ingredients combined. Please note that colours may change naturally over time, but product efficacy remains unaffected.


Eco-friendly Fragrances
Even Ecomax's fragrance are eco-friendly and non-toxic, each fragrance is specially designed by experienced perfumers to meet the European Union Eco-Label Safety Standards. (As at time of development)

Recyclable Packaging
All packaging materials used are easily recyclable. Moreover, Ecomax comes in smaller pack size, hence requires less packaging and eventually less resources to recycle.

Less Foam
All Ecomax products are low-to moderate foaming. The higher a product foam, the more water is required for rinsing. Therefore, with less foam, Ecomax reduces rinse time and helps conserve one of our most precious resources - water.

Ecomax products are highly concentrated, thus require less dosage per application. This means less water is discharged into the environment.

No Harmful Ingredients
Ecomax does not contain the following ingredients:
Phosphates & nitrates - cause algae bloom in waterways that lead to lack of oxygen for aquatic life
Optical brighteners - do not readily biodegrade, toxic to aquatic life
Nonylphenol - slow to biodegrade, causes reproductive defects in aquatic life
Formaldehyde - carcinogenic, respiratory irritant
Chlorine - harsh on skin & surfaces, toxic to environment, may cause reproductive, endocrine & immune system disorders
Solvents - neurotoxins, nervous system depressants
Zeolites - non-biodegradable
Besides, Ecomax's ingredients have been identified as non-irritants at the level of content used in the products, thus are safe on human skin
Safe For You,
Friendly To The Environment

Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Eco-friendly
Ecomax is a range of eco-friendly household cleaning products that uses 100% biodegradable ingredients. They are carefully formulated to give maximum performance yet ensure safety to both consumer and the environment.

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