Jasa ECO Disposable Foodware.

Jasa ECO Disposable Foodware.

Now available at Tesco. Giant Hypermarkets, Carrefour, Parkson & Justlife.

JASA Eco™ is a range of disposable foodware developed from corn starch that is the green alternative to conventional foodware. Their products include plates, bowls, water cups and cutlery of varying sizes. They are designed for everyday use, from catering events to private parties. All are of a high quality to ensure that they are functional and that they shall naturally break down into organic fragments within a few months of disposing.

After disposal, when placed in a moist environment with ample bacteria and heat, JASA Eco™ products will break down within six to twelve months. In Malaysia, with a warm and humid climate, the process may be faster as compared to cooler and drier countries. However, stored indoors and away from heat and moisture, our products have a shelf life of about one year.


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