While I was talking to my colleagues at my work, I did find out something rather shocking, most of them did not even know the meaning of Biodegrade!!!.I was even a little bit disturbed by that fact. The only thing that they knew about Eco-Friendly products was that it does not have hazardous chemicals that harm our skin. "Gentle to the hands and leaves a pleasant scent" said one of my friend about eco-friendly products. Now I was thinking hard, why did my friends and colleagues were so uneducated about the environmental issues that we are facing? So I browsed through the internet using search engines to get any non commercial websites for my reference. There were none or atleast when I searched a couple of months ago. Then this whole idea hit me. Since I was in high school, I started recycling, using "green" products and I even encouraged my friends to adopt greener lifestyle, then why shouldn't I start my own website educating others who are willing to listen and change? Thus,Green Malaysia was born.

Let me introduce myself.My name is Sathis,22 years-old and a fellow Malaysian trying to do the best I can to save the environment.My passion towards the environment started since I saw 3 different coloured recycling bins in my school.To be honest,my curiosity towards it led me to know so much about the magnificient Earth and Its endless battle with global warming.The guilt in me made me more wise towards choosing more greener options troughout my daily life.It is not hard,we just need the willingness to do so.Join me as I educate myself as well as yourself about the harms that we cause to Mother Nature and the many ways to prevent it.(This website was founded on 16-11-2009)

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This website was created for all Malaysians.Not only as a reference guide,but also as a motivator to all friends out there who are starting to realize how important it is to keep the environment healthy.

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