Colourful ‘Trees’ Of Plastic Bottles.

18/12/2011 18:37


MEMBERS of the public were enthralled by illuminated Christmas “trees” made from plastic bottles that have been put up at a popular eatery here ahead of the Yuletide celebrations later this month.

The eye-catching structures at the entrance of New World Park in Lorong Swatow were a hit among customers, many of whom stopped by to have their pictures taken next to the structures.

The two-storey high structures, glowing in the darkness with alternating LED lights in red and blue with a tinge of green, attracted people to marvel at recyclable materials being put to good use.

Some 2,000 plastic bottles were used to set up six trees, making the complex management company the pioneer in doing so in Penang.

PPB Group Bhd senior manager (project management), Clarence Tan, said the trees, made with plastic bottles, were part of the company’s green theme initiative.

Tan said the idea to install plastic bottle trees was mooted during a recent brainstorming session.

“We want to showcase our continuous effort to recycle wastages in a series of environmental-friendly initiatives,” he said.

“I hope other companies are able to duplicate and emulate our green-themed projects.”

Tan said the illuminated trees at night using LED lights was aimed at saving energy consumption.

The structures will be on display until the first week of 2012.

Meanwhile, Teo Yi Jing and Boey Anqi, both 22 and from Universiti Sains Malaysia, were impressed by the unique Christmas trees.

They said this was their first time seeing Christmas trees put up using recyclable items.



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