Green buildings in Malaysia for a better future.

26/03/2010 21:28


KUCHING: The construction of more green buildings will mitigate the negative impact of development on the environment and mankind, said Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) president Boon Che Wee.

He said the country possessed the ideal climate for green buildings and such buildings were good for the environment and human health.

A green building is one that incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and occupants, Boon explained at a press conference yesterday.

Boon said green buildings meant additional investment in the beginning but people tend to forget the economic benefits in the long term.

“Green buildings help save energy cost because energy consumption will drop substantially by 50%,” he pointed out.

He said as more buildings strived towards the Green Building Index (GBI), the public could be assured that non-toxic materials were used and, therefore, harmless to health.

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