17/11/2009 04:40

Searching for recyling bins in Malaysia could be hard sometimes.So for those who seriously wants to start recycling,you can buy 3 medium sized bins in different colours.You can label it (Glass,tin cans,paper or plastic) and keep it somewhere that is sheltered because tin cans are prone to rust due to rain water and if the bins are able to collect rain water,then it will be a suitable breeding ground for mosquitos and we don't want that to happen.One plus point in Malaysia is that recycling lorries or vans come by our house 2 to 3 times a week.For kids.they can earn extra pocket money buy selling this to them.You can even donate recyclable items to some vendors who then pass the profits to some welfare organisations,e.g;Amithaba Organisation.

To be logical,for a single day in average,we would buy 1 newspaper,1-2 canned items/plastic or glasss items like bottled items or containers.We would throw all this into one rubbish bin and keep it outside of the house for the rubbish collector to pick it up.Thats alot of recyclable item being put to waste.

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