Local Group spreads ‘no plastic’ message.

16/05/2011 02:29

SETIU: A local women's society is making a difference in Kampung Mangkok here by promoting the “no plastic bag” campaign among villagers and traders.

In cooperation with Nestle and World Wide Fund For Nature Malaysia, the village Women's Society took to the Penarik morning market on Friday to spread the call to use fewer plastic bags.

Its chairman Rosanita Ngah, 39, said the group was trying to ensure that the campaign, which had been concentrated in large cities and towns also reached the rural community.

“I feel it is important that the campaign reaches the rural people as indiscriminate dumping of plastic bags in the sea is one of the main causes of turtles' death in the state.

“Reducing the usage can minimise the number of plastic bags thrown into the sea, thus preventing the deaths of turtles,” she said.

She said the society has made 500 reusable bags to be sold at RM15.

“The profits will be used to fund other charitable projects such as wildlife conservation and caring for the environment,” she said.

Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad human resource and group corporate affairs executive director Zainun Nur Abdul Rauf said the company provided funds to empower the women in their efforts to conserve the wetlands and turtles.

“We supported their move in 2007 and will extend it till 2013,” she said, adding that the women have done wonders in spreading awareness on the importance of caring for the environment.

Market trader Roslam Ghazali, 41, said the campaign was useful as it could reduce the amount of rubbish thrown in the market.

“It will certainly reduce the usage plastic bags, making it easier for us to clean up after business hours. I am happy that it has finally reached our village,” he said.

Fellow trader Noratikah Mohd Rosdi, 22, said she fully supported the move as it could save the turtles.



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