Panasonic pushes eco-friendly products

18/11/2009 05:14


Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd hopes that consumers will continue to buy its eco-friendly products in the move towards preserving the environment.
Its associate director, consumer product marketing Cheng Chee Chung said:"We are seeing a shift in consumer trend to energy saving products from normal products."
Speaking at a media briefing today, he said sales from eco-friendly products increased tremendously last year to over 30 per cent from 13 per cent previously.

He said the company wants to educate more consumers on environment-friendly products, so that more people will buy these products.
"With more people buying these kind of products, the prices can drop gradually," he said.
Eco-friendly products usually are 15-20 per cent higher in pricing than the normal products.
In line with their initiative towards better environment, Panasonic is also adopting the "Mottainai" concept in a move to build itself as an eco brand.
Mottainai, which means "what a waste" and "do not waste" will be implemented through the company's web portal, as well as its corporate social responsibility programmes and advertising campaign next month.--Bernama


Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ Declaration in Asia Pacific

 Panasonic is pleased to announce the declaration on its green commitment in Asia Pacific to raise eco awareness, make eco-friendly products and reduce carbon emissions with programs including the set up of factories that are centered around eco processes.

Deputy Director of 3P Partnership Department, National Environment Agency Mr Ng Meng Hiong and Managing Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation Miyamoto

‘eco ideas’ for Products

For ‘eco ideas’ for Products, Panasonic is working hard to make more of its products energy efficient and free of hazardous materials. By 2012 in Asia Pacific, our target is that 80% of total sales will be from eco products that are energy and water efficient and long lasting.

‘eco ideas’ for Manufacturing

Between 2007 and 2010, Panasonic's manufacturing operations in Asia Pacific will cut CO2 emissions by 240,000 tons, which is equivalent to a 30 percent drop from 2006 levels. As part of the ‘eco ideas’ for Manufacturing pillar, Panasonic also announced today that by 2010, the company will establish one ‘eco ideas’ Factory each in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The ‘eco ideas’ Factory is a model factory which embodies Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ strategy, which is aiming for going beyond stakeholders expectation in all of its business activities with three key initiatives, such as ‘eco ideas’ for Products, ‘eco ideas’ for Manufacturing and ‘eco ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere. In particular, the Factory promotes participation in environmental communications and eco activities by employees and the local community to spread our ‘eco ideas’.

‘eco ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere

In ‘eco ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere, Panasonic spreads its ‘eco ideas’ by promoting strong partnership with external stakeholders and implementing awareness raising activities for young generations. To heighten consumers' awareness for the environment, Panasonic will hold ‘eco ideas’ experience road show. The Company invites pupils to the road show and engage in environmental education for young generations through environmental seminars and factory tours hosted jointly with educational institutions. In addition, Panasonic opens a to support consumers' eco activities.


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