Terengganu all for green campaign.

08/01/2011 05:13


The Terengganu Government has emulated other states in the west coast in declaring Saturdays as a ‘No Plastic Bags Day’.

State Unity, Health and Consumerism committee chairman Dr Abdul Rahman Mokthar said his officials would embark on a statewide campaign to create an awareness that Saturday is a day for lo- cals to observe the initiative by the go- vernment to minimise use of plastic bags.

“It’s time for us to save the environ-ment.

“Actually, we are behind other states in the campaign, but hope we are able to reach our target in a short span of time,” he said.

Dr Abdul Rahman added that the campaign would encourage residents in the state to bring along their own baskets to shopping complexes on Saturdays, which would eventually create the desired awareness in the future.

“We hope to see residents bringing their own shopping baskets regardless whether it is Saturday or not,” he said.

A fee of 10 to 20 sen, he added, would be imposed on customers who failed to bring along their own form of packaging on Saturdays.

Proceeds from the plastic bag charges, said Dr Abdul Rahman, would be channelled towards environmental initiatives in Terengganu.


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