Water crisis in Johor.

20/02/2010 18:18


KLUANG: Johor water authorities have been directed not to release water from dams, especially those used for flood mitigation, and to conserve water where possible.

Over the past few months, they have been trying to store as much water as possible, even above the usual level as part of our preparation for the dry spell.

There are 11 dams in the state of Johor.

the state government was hoping for assistance from the Federal Government to provide funds for marking boundaries properly and fencing up dams to prevent encroachment.It is important to ensure the dams were protected from encroachment for water quality to be maintained.

If oil palm plantations are set up too close to the dams, they can absorb too much water or even cause soil erosion.

On the water crisis in Kluang, SAJ corporate communications chief Jamaluddin Jamal said showers on Thursday had caused the water level in rivers to rise slightly, but the level still needed to be above 0.5m before water supply could be fully restored.

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